Branding of measures









All of our products are intended for marking, logging and individual prints.


 All products from the group „measures” can be individual branded. We make the durable imprints on measure cups, rain gauges, scoops, buckets, yellow vessels, measuring frames, thermometers for measuring the temperature of soil, cleaning brushes for nozzles and dial calipers. The imprints are creating by using the screen print method, so they are abrasion and solvent resistant.

 Examples of where the marking

Logo imprints on measures vessels can be located in several places. Before the production our graphic designer prepares the project proposal.

The examples of the branding on the measures SMART


The examples of the branding on the scoops Mega + 


The examples of the branding on the rain gauge with adder


Quality printing

trwałe nadruki ścieranie

High-quality prints resistant to chemicals and abrasion thanks to the specially chosen paints and many years of experience printing.

 Prints on a variety of products

znakowanie innych produktów

Durable imprints on the measure cups, rain gauges, scoops and other practical products are very important especially in the chemistry industry.

Printing on other products of own and entrusted.

miarki kubki

Thanks to our long-time experience in branding of the products we are able to make the imprints not only on measures but also on other surfaces and products.