The using of measure vessels









Our products are designed for many industries. Meet the measurement functions, as well perpetuate positive image of companies.

The practical promotional products can be used in many branches. These products are not only designed to measure different products but also thanks to the printed logo they create the positive image of company.


użycie miarek

The rain gauge with adder can be used almost all year round in agriculture and horticultural industry. The rain gauge helps to measure the quantity of rainfalls and snowfalls in the winter.

The brush for cleaning the nozzles attached to the farmer’s keychain can be used during the whole year. 

The yellow vessel trap to control the rape pests should be placed on the field just after seeding rapeseed in autumn. In the winter the vessel should be taken from the field and mounted again in the spring. The control of the rape pests is most effective when the vessel “grows up” together with the rape.

The dial caliper can be used also all the year round. It is very helpful for farmers, who are cultivating the rapeseeds. They can measure the roots of the plants and in this way they are able to check if the plant growth is properly.

Farmer’s Thermometer can be used not only for measuring the temperature of the soil, but also the temperature of water for calf or the air temperature.

The measuring frame is designed for agriculture industry, but it can also be used in hunting or insurance industry to estimate the damages caused by wild animals.

The big and small measure vessels can be used in agriculture or chemical industry, in gastronomy and in many other branches. The measures are made of material intended to come into contact with food. On the measures we can print individual scales for powder or liquid products.

The buckets with imprints can be useful not only in household but also in advertising industry. During the agriculture or building industry trade fairs they are used as  vessels for flyers.

All of spoons, measure spoons and scoops have the certificate that they are made of material intended to come into contact with food. Spoons are used in gastronomy, they are delivered also to the producers of dietary supplements. The scoops are used in agriculture industry.